17 Years Spreading The Love

Nanny Thaty

Today marks 17 years since I came to the United States, fulfilling my childhood dream that keeps on making me more and more fulfilled.

Being able to take care of the most precious beings in the family, to be the support, their security blanket, their confidant, their guide, their coach, and their cheerleader.

Helping in the formation of a human being is a great responsibility, it takes a lot of discernment to make the right choices. And a lot of studying in order to be always evolving and delivering the best up to date wisdom to all the families I serve.

I’ve contributed to the growth of hundreds of families and I am truly grateful and honored to have taken such noble endeavors.

Helping parents in that new chapter, teaching techniques about newborn care, sleep, brain development, behaviors.

Supporting and lifting them up, after sleepless nights and challenging days of turbulence.

I’ve been there helping them adjust to a new life, but the heart, that will never be the same. A child transforms the soul!

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