Surviving the quarantine with success!


The quarantine has changed us lives dynamics, and although many parents are accustomed with their child at home during the vacations. But them stay at home in a period that would be classrooms and, especially, you need to work at home office can be a great challenge. In particular, because to change the whole reality…

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17 Years Spreading The Love

Nanny Thaty

Today marks 17 years since I came to the United States, fulfilling my childhood dream that keeps on making me more and more fulfilled. Being able to take care of the most precious beings in the family, to be the support, their security blanket, their confidant, their guide, their coach, and their cheerleader. Helping in…

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Messy playroom

Introducing new toys… or, heck… I should just call this: Getting rid of hurricane season in the playroom 🙂 Here is a common sight that I’ve encountered without fail on days following a child’s birthday party or the holidays even for the most organized families and their star picker-uppers little humans! Year after year, family…

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Nanny Gift Guide

Tis’ the time of the year I start getting messages from parents asking for advice on what to get for their nannies for the holidays, so I thought it was about time I turned my answers into a blog post!

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Nanny & Parent Performance Evaluation

One of the things I really looked forward to when I was a teacher was my performance evaluation day! If you know anything about me, you know I am obsessed with personal and professional growth! I am always seeking to learn new things or ways to improve. Mastering, after all, is an ongoing journey, in…

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