The Brazilian Super Nanny

Thaty was interviewed and featured on the Eco Newspaper. 

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Perhaps many do not even know, but there is an international award that elects the best nanny of the year. It is the “Nanny of the Year”, promoted by the International Nanny Association, which in each edition indicates five professionals who stood out in the area to compete for the award, very prestigious in developed countries, where the childcare industry is highly valued. In 2016, one of the finalists was Tatiane Oliveira.

Thaty, who has lived in Cambridge for almost 13 years, in the US state of Massachusetts, was the first Brazilian to be nominated.  In addition to the Lençoense, two North American nannies, one Australian and one British, were also nominated for the award.
Despite not winning the title, Thaty reports that she feels very honored for the nomination and recognition at an international level and hopes that her story will serve as inspiration for other professionals in the area, especially in Brazil, where activities related to domestic work are quite devalued.

“I feel fulfilled by the recognition, because I really love what I do. This indication was a seed that I hope will start to germinate in a few years. I want babysitters and other domestic workers to be recognized and proud of what they do, especially among the Brazilian community, since in Brazil most employers do not recognize how important these workers are to their families, especially when they take care of their children ”, she points out.

The work with the children, which started in Brazil and marks the trajectory of the Lencoense since the first day she stepped in the USA, in 2003, is much more than a vocation. With the academic background she has - Bachelor in Multidisciplinary Studies (with specialization in Early Childhood Education); Master in Bilingual Education; and a master in Human and Organization Management, Leadership and Coaching - she could work in any other activity related to education, but every day she says she has more conviction of her choice. “I can really speak from the heart that I love what I do. I consider myself blessed to be able to spend my days with these beings so naive, sincere, pure and magical that children are. It is as if every day I have the opportunity to see the world for the first time, because working with the little ones, everything is new. It is not just a walk around the block, it is a new experience, looking at the ants, smelling the flowers, listening to the birds, the cars. Everything is learning. What profession do you arrive in the morning and your co-workers rush to the door to give you a kiss and a tight hug saying they missed you? Children have an unconditional love and for me that is priceless ”, she highlights. 

Thaty has also been a natural leader. In addition to always being involved in actions for the rights of domestic workers, she works in several projects that support the professional training of nannes in the Boston metropolitan area. She is the founder of the Massachusetts Nanny Breakfast Club and NDR - National Domestic Radio. She is co-author of the Professional Nanny Series course at Care Academy and educator of the Happiest Baby on the Block program. She has also organized in addition to present in events such as National Nanny Training Day in Boston and Nannypalooza, a national nanny conference. Her next challenge is to continue the project to launch a book later this year. 

Married for about six months to the American James Donahue, she still doesn't have children, but she takes care of the little ones as if they were her own. She reveals that she does not intend to return to live in Brazil, but next month the couple will be landing in Lençóis Paulista, where the second wedding will take place.

“When we got married, in November last year, my family participated only via Skype and we had already decided that we would also get married in Brazil. I'm excited because I can't wait to see everyone. I haven't been to Brazil for four years. James met my mother who visited me last year, but he still doesn't know my siblings, the dozens of uncles, aunties, and cousins, or my friends ”, she explains. Anyone who wants to know a little more about our very own Lençoense Super nanny can access the site: ;