How can play help during the quarantine (and all year round)?

parents play with your children

I know, keeping a child with so much energy to burn inside the home the entire day in times like this is quite challenging! Oh, trust me, I know!!! I had my share of rainy and snow days in my career and looking back on those isolated incidents feels nothing like what we are going…

Is there a best way to deal with tantrums?

kisd makes tantrums

Tantrum is a normal behavior in the healthy development of a child. It is an immature way to negotiate their wishes when they still don’t have the necessary emotional control to navigate certain situations. This part of the brain that controls their impulses is still developing and especially during these challenging times in which we…

The benefits of routines for children

The benefits of routines for children

It’s so essential for a child to build a pattern of orderly by establishing predictable rituals and habits that contribute to healthy development. Children need the sense of security that predictable routines bring, and it will also prepare them down the road to be an adult who has discipline, honor their commitments and responsibilities.  Routines…

City of Cambridge recognizes Nanny Thaty in City Council Meeting

Councillor Leland Cheung introduced a City Council resolution at the May 23rd City Council meeting congratulating Thaty on her nomination for the 2016 Nanny of the Year Award. Click here to read the official document.