Do you promote emotional literacy in your little one?

The child learns to control their reactions

Emotional literacy emerged with neuroscientific researches in the 90s, seeking to understand how the brain works its thoughts and emotions. As we recognize the feelings that bother us, we learn how to manage them and make assertive decisions according to what we are feeling. The child learns to control their reactions.  In order to educate…

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How can play help during the quarantine (and all year round)?

parents play with your children

I know, keeping a child with so much energy to burn inside the home the entire day in times like this is quite challenging! Oh, trust me, I know!!! I had my share of rainy and snow days in my career and looking back on those isolated incidents feels nothing like what we are going…

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Messy playroom

Introducing new toys… or, heck… I should just call this: Getting rid of hurricane season in the playroom 🙂 Here is a common sight that I’ve encountered without fail on days following a child’s birthday party or the holidays even for the most organized families and their star picker-uppers little humans! Year after year, family…

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Nanny Gift Guide

Tis’ the time of the year I start getting messages from parents asking for advice on what to get for their nannies for the holidays, so I thought it was about time I turned my answers into a blog post!

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The Brazilian Super Nanny

Thaty was interviewed and featured on the Eco Newspaper.  Translation: Perhaps many do not even know, but there is an international award that elects the best nanny of the year. It is the “Nanny of the Year”, promoted by the International Nanny Association, which in each edition indicates five professionals who stood out in the…

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