We have the best job in the world. Seriously! Think about it! Our “co-workers” greet us at the door with tight hugs and genuine smiles demonstrating how happy they are to see us!

Our work space sometimes can be whenever we want it to be. At the park, perhaps the beach… oh maybe we are in the mood for something fancy, so we decide that it will be the Museum of Fine Arts. Who knows?!

However, we all know that “With great power, comes great responsibility!”
Parents entrust us with the most valuable blessings and the impact we have no only on the child, but in the family as a whole, is grand.
We are finally getting the recognition we deserve for doing such an amazing and important job we we need to make sure we represent our industry well. We need to value and recognize our worth first if we want society to know how much of a BIG DEAL we are!

In order to accomplish this, we need two things:
1) We need to truly understand the impact we have in the children we care for and the families we serve.
2) We need to see ourselves and act like the professionals we are. We need to treat our profession like others – entitled to worker’s rights but also exercise diligence and comply with what is expected from us in terms of the service we provide.

And how do it do this?

We INVEST in ourselves and the knowledge we will gain.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!” Said Mr. Thomas Jefferson, and it is. And then, we pass it along.

Coaching and Mentoring


Professional Coaching is offered in 3 levels:

  • Make Way for The Nanny – New nannies entering the industry or making a career move. Professionalism, job search, responsibilities.
  • Freedom Trail – Job hunt (interviews/resumes/portfolios), social media, marketing and branding.
  • Up The Ladder – Nannies who are ready for something more. Business opportunities, making the transition, establishing yourself as an expert.

60 and 90min 

In-person and Skype sessions


Personal coaching is where you will get help with mindfulness, finances, prioritization, setting goals, time management, and relationships.

50 or 90min

Skype and in-person sessions.


I personally care for each nanny and partners in the care industry. That is also one of the reasons I founded and running the Nanny Breakfast Club. Mentorship is my interest in you, in seeing you succeeding. I am happy to share my personal and professional experiences, give advice, introduce you to people, etc. Let’s grab brunch and you can introduce yourself, tell me about your dreams, your vision, you life goals, and what I can help you with! You pay 🙂




15min Complimentary Coach Call