Nanny Gift Guide

So, what does your nanny want this holiday season?

Tis’ the time of the year I start getting messages from parents asking for advice on what to get for their nannies for the holidays, so I thought it was about time I turned my answers into a blog post!

Nannies come in all shapes and personalities, so getting to know a bit more about your nanny is a step that hopefully you didn’t skip 😉 

I will also go ahead and talk about the holiday bonus first and foremost because a Nanny Holiday Bonus is part of the industry standard and sort of expected by most nannies! Bonus will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as how satisfied you are with your nanny, how long she’s been with your family and how much she currently makes, though one to two weeks of pay is usually a common place to start!

In most cases, the thoughtful gift comes with the holiday bonus and here are a few general items that I know have been popular with nannies over the years:

Extra paid-time-off

I will never forget when one of my employers gave me additional paid-time-off so I could visit my family in Brazil on vacation! I know many immigrant nannies who can’t afford long vacations in order to visit family and relatives abroad. When I visit my family in Brazil, it takes 4 days alone just for traveling!!!! This means, if I am going to visit them, I do plan at least 14 days, so I have enough time to visit the entire clan – which that alone takes another few days – and enjoy some actual downtime!

Professional Development

There are so many opportunities for your nanny’s professional development and most parents aren’t aware of them. Let’s start with the two main annual nanny conferences – The International Nanny Association Annual Conference and Nannypalooza. In 2020, the INA Conference will be held from April 30th- May 3rd in Montreal, Canada and you can find all the details here. Nannypalooza celebrates 15 years with the very first Cruizepalooza sailing off on October 24th. More details here

There are also the National Education for the Education of Young Children conference in November and the Zero to Three Conference in October. Also, if your family has miles and credit card travel rewards, you can pass them along to cover some of these costs as well!

And of course, I woud always love to see your nanny in one of my classes 🙂 I teach The Ninja Nanny Bootcamp in-person in Boston, MA and I have been adding some classes online as well. You can find them at carethatycs’ teaching portal.

Gift Cards

Okay, I am not going to lie, I personally am not a fan of gift cards but I know many nannies love them, so I couldn’t keep them out of the list! I think gift cards are good when they are from a store you know your nanny loves, so it is a bit more personal – though, I haven’t heard of any nannies complain about Amazon and Target gift cards haha myself included 🙂

Spa Day/Massages

Well, I know I just said I am not a big fan of gift cards but I couldn’t leave this one out! Everyone [normal 😜] loves massages 😁 The mani-pedi is usually a hit or miss from what I’ve heard over the year, but massages are ALWAYS a hit! Now, let me just add a little more. Last year, I came to know about this place which is basically Heaven on Earth, called SoJo Spa Club. It is a luxurious Korean style spa located in NJ and just so you know how serious I am about this place, I have been going there monthly – and plan to continue in 2020. Yup, I am not kidding! Admission is only $65 which makes the whole trip worth it – and still cheaper than a massage here in Boston!!! I have been talking about this place so much I should seriously start getting some commission! Seriously, though, admission gets to 5 pools (and a waterfall) and another 8 different types of saunas – including an ice room. If you know any other place like SoJo in MA please let me know!!!!

Something they really want!

Okay, finding out what your nanny really wants isn’t necessarily that hard! You can ask your children to talk about and casually ask, or you can bring up the conversation and try to get something out! You can also do a little digging and maybe even find your nanny’s wish list on Amazon or on wishlist 🙂 

Nanny apparel and/or personalized stuff

I am a big fan of the personalized stuff I’ve got over the years! One of my favorites was an engraved Nanno iPod “Consider it a tribute! Nanny Thaty rocks!” <3  To get some nanny gear, please check out these stores from some of my fellow nanny friends 

Nanny Tees



…a genuine Thank You!

Your nanny is taking care of your most precious children and she wants – and needs – to hear that she is appreciated for the work she does! What would your family like be like without her? Don’t make her your “Best Kept Secret”! Let her – and the world – know how much she means to you and your family!

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