Surviving the quarantine with success!


The quarantine has changed us lives dynamics, and although many parents are accustomed with their child at home during the vacations. But them stay at home in a period that would be classrooms and, especially, you need to work at home office can be a great challenge. In particular, because to change the whole reality of the child, which create a discomfort, it feels limited to only should stay at home, shouldn’t to see his friends.

Talk about quarantine importance

It is so important to have an honest conversation with the child, and explain that is coronavirus and the importance of social isolation and precautions with the prevention of contagion. It is important to show calm, but to be honest, talking about that is necessary. Because, somehow, they notes the changes around them and everything that is spoken and also, feel the tension of the parents, with all the concerns caused by isolation and consequences of the virus in the world.

You need to be comprehensive with your child

At that time, parents need to show who understand the frustrations of the child, respect and sharing with your baby that you’re feeling frustration too, it is necessary. You can teach fun ways to educate your child the importance of hand washing, can’t share personal objects with others and the importance of keeping surfaces clean. You should wash the hands along with them and follow the WHO recommendations, to ensure that well, she see the example.

You need be present, keep the rituals of the family, even if in a different environment, becomes more security and leaves less stressed. They make to call videos with the grandparents and the colleagues of your son, too, is a way of showing that there are alternative forms of prevention and to live in isolation. If possible, book a corner near the space that you work in the home office for the baby to play, so that they are in the same environment even each one doing your activity.

Adaptation is the best way to deal with quarantine 

Although I wouldn’t be in favor to cartoons or even the contact of children with electronics, especially the youngers. In some situations, we don’t have many alternatives and, when we need to be parents and professionals in the same time. Then, as a way of balancing their demands and keep your child with healthy habits. You can establish times that your baby will have access to TV and select educational channels such as: Discovery Channel, History Channel and NatGeo.

You can use this period, also, to be closer, spend more time with your children. It is scientifically proven that playing with his son reduces stress among adults. To be a period that is not allowed to have employees at home, only in some cases. You can do the tasks of home activities with his son, fun way, since the teaching to have independence and the importance of helping at home for the good of all.

As we can see, even with all the changes and difficulties in adapting to the new routine, it is possible take advantage of enough to be close to you love, be productive, teach and learn new ways to perform your tasks and organize family life.

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