Do you promote emotional literacy in your little one?

The child learns to control their reactions

Emotional literacy emerged with neuroscientific researches in the 90s, seeking to understand how the brain works its thoughts and emotions. As we recognize the feelings that bother us, we learn how to manage them and make assertive decisions according to what we are feeling. The child learns to control their reactions.  In order to educate…

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How can play help during the quarantine (and all year round)?

parents play with your children

I know, keeping a child with so much energy to burn inside the home the entire day in times like this is quite challenging! Oh, trust me, I know!!! I had my share of rainy and snow days in my career and looking back on those isolated incidents feels nothing like what we are going…

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Is there a best way to deal with tantrums?

kisd makes tantrums

Tantrum is a normal behavior in the healthy development of a child. It is an immature way to negotiate their wishes when they still don’t have the necessary emotional control to navigate certain situations. This part of the brain that controls their impulses is still developing and especially during these challenging times in which we…

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Why my baby won’t sleep the whole night?

Mom, dad, and their kids playing

Many parents feel frustrated because their children do not sleep the whole night and/or alone, although this is normal with newborn and baby. Sleep during the whole night is a process of learning, a habit that, too, needs to be purchased. Soon, it takes time for the baby is accustomed with the timetable. Perhaps, few…

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Nanny & Parent Performance Evaluation

One of the things I really looked forward to when I was a teacher was my performance evaluation day! If you know anything about me, you know I am obsessed with personal and professional growth! I am always seeking to learn new things or ways to improve. Mastering, after all, is an ongoing journey, in…

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