Why my baby won’t sleep the whole night?

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Many parents feel frustrated because their children do not sleep the whole night and/or alone, although this is normal with newborn and baby. Sleep during the whole night is a process of learning, a habit that, too, needs to be purchased. Soon, it takes time for the baby is accustomed with the timetable. Perhaps, few parents are aware of this, it is necessary some rituals to help your child adapt to their new reality.

Sleep is a habit!

For nine months he lived in an environment without rules, it is natural that the baby is disregard our way of living outside the womb! In addition, there are born with the circadian rhythm, this will be developed with the time. Differently from adults who have deep sleep, the sleep model of the baby are in shorter cycles and lighter, on average 50 to 60 minutes until the nine months which makes the most frequent awakenings.

Establish a routine of sleep 

So it is important to have a sleep routine for your baby begins to understand what it is day and what it is night. Try don’t let him take naps more than 3 hours each during the day. During the night, keep a low light or a blue light, without interfering with the production of melatonin. There are a nightly ritual that doesn’t involve clarity, agitation and electronic screens, this helps the body of her son understand that it is time to slow down and, thus, he is now building a routine of healthy sleep.

Security and independence contribute to a good sleep!

You need teach him to sleep alone! I know that it is painful for you don’t be close to him all the time, however, this is a key part, so that he has a healthy sleep now and in the future. Because they don’t have vices that the chord or leave stressed in awakenings case without you around. Don’t remove it from the cradle so that makes noise. Try to soothe with little knock take into his chest, or doing the chiado shhhhh. You need to provide this opportunity for your baby to learn to calm himself, and consequently, go back to sleep. At the beginning it will be difficult, indeed, nobody likes to hear baby crying! Use a stopwatch and on the first night, wait one to three minutes before “give” and take the baby in her lap, and then go increasing. If you are consistent, he will learn quickly!

It is also important to note that many times, parents think their children are awake when, in fact, is a awakenings normal that we all have. The REM sleep that is lighter, can cause eye movement eyes or body, and even speaks! Parents is anxious and put him back to sleep, they in fact waking up, and worsel, scaring them. Therefore it is important to let the baby sleep alone for he the habit of stay or go back to sleep between cycles go if strengthening without obstructions.

Babies have the short sleep!

This REM sleep model is 50% of total sleep of newborns and reaching 30% until the age of 3 years. It’s have a healthy sleep during early childhood is important for the child’s development, with respect, neurological and psychological and psychosomatic. Parents need don’t despair, but need to learn techniques that help your children build healthy habits, at this crucial stage. It is normal for your child doesn’t sleep during the whole night and everything as well.

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